Oil are extracted from herring roe.

Herring Cavar Oil is an oil with high DHA content. DHA is a vital compound for brain, eye, and neurological health. Opti-Mega® is highly bioavailable, which allows your body to absorb more DHA than most other supplements.

  • Cellular Health & Aging Cellular nutrition is an emerging category where the idea of healthy aging is being viewed through a different lens. In today’s healthy aging market, it is no longer just about what you see as the signs of aging, but more importantly, what you can’t see. The membrane-friendly phospholipids of Acti-Mega® plays a key role as a building block in the cellular membrane of the human body (ref.*3).
  • Brain Health DHA is the main essential omega-3 fatty acid in the human brain and it is critical for normal brain development in children and maintaining normal brain functions of adults. Acti-Mega® is a unique omega-3 phospholipid source with a ratio of DHA:EPA of 3:1. Acti-Mega® also contains Lyso-phosphatidylcholine, which has been shown to deliver DHA to the receptors of the blood/ brain barrier, where it is then actively transported into the brain (ref.*1).
  • Inflammation Acti-Mega® has confirmed natural abundance of Specialized Pro-Resolving Mediators and their precursors (SPMs). SPMs are important fat molecules involved in the adjustment of inflammation, due to the highly potent (pg-ng range) endogenous signaling metabolites
    from the ω-3 PUFA . (ref.*2).
  • Prenatal & Maternal Health Omega-3 DHA and choline are foundational nutrients that are important before, during and after pregnancy. It is known that daily intake of DHA and choline during pregnancy supports normal brain and eye development. The DHA in breast milk is typically most abundant in the phospholipid form, so it is an advantage for mom to get DHA in the membrane-friendly delivery format that mother nature prefers. Daily intake of Acti-Mega® during pregnancy contributes to the normal brain development of the fetus and breastfed infants (ref.*4).

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